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AgTech Mobile App Development ~ Labour Efficiency Study Brief:  The client, Teagasc, wanted an Agricultural Survey to measure labour efficiency on Irish dairy farms.  A Time & Motion study was required to measure how long it took individual farmers to complete daily routines such as milking, calf feeding, spreading fertiliser, etc. Solution:  A mobile phone...
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Quantitative Survey ~  Online Survey ~  Phone Survey ~ Face to Face Survey The Brief:  The client, the University of Limerick, required quantitative data from Irish farmers from various segments.  They were trying to establish how risk-adverse farmers were and what, if any, steps farmers would be prepared to take to mitigate these risks.  Solution: ...
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Brief: The client, Tralee Institute of Technology, wished to identify the current level of data acquisition and analysis within the agricultural sector, specifically targeting livestock management, and also to identify future requirements in this area.   Solution:  A comprehensive review was undertaken of the Irish AgTech market with a view to capturing all of the pertinent...
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Market Research / Product Validation / Product Evaluation   Online Survey / Focus Group Brief:  The client, TAMA, is the market leader in the provision of netting products for round bales.  They wanted to establish perceptions of their product range and potential changes in the market.   Solution:  A mixture of quantitative and qualitative surveys were deployed....
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Farmer Focus Group Market Research ~ Agricultural Market Research Brief:  The client, Nutribio, manufactures proprietary animal nutrition products for top organisations in the global agri-business industry.  They wanted to establish the view of farmers with regard to their range of calf health products.  They had a number of newly developed products they wanted to go...
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Agricultural research using case studies ~ Sustainability Study Brief:  The client, the National Rural Network, required a policy document on rainwater harvesting on Irish farms to feed into the next round of national policy discussions.   Solution:  After meeting with the client it was agreed that, due to the very limited number of farms harvesting rainwater,...
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Agricultural research using case studies / AgTech Brief:  The client, Lely, is a leading multinational manufacturer of robotic milking systems.  Even though AMS (automatic milking systems) have been mainstream in Europe for many years, it was still seen as a disrupter in the Irish market. Therefore, the client was looking for independent verification of the...
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Collation of on-farm data ~ Online collection of farming data ~ AgTech  Brief:  The client, Teagasc, required collation of on-farm data, specifically looking at sustainability, from a range of commercial dairy farms located throughout Ireland.  This data would be used as part of a Pan-European research project.   Solution:  After agreement with the client on data...
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