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Dairy Farm Business Administration

On foot of a request by a number of Dairy Discussion Groups for a presentation on business administration on dairy farms, we put together a half day training course.  The course has been extremely well received by these groups, which are some of the most formidable discussion groups in the country.
Business administration on dairy farms would have traditionally been undertaken by the spouse of the dairy farmer.  However, the dynamics of modern society have changed this traditional structure.  A lot of spouses are now working outside the farm gate and many of those who choose to stay at home are focusing full time on child care.
Dairy farmers are constantly “fire fighting” the day to day administration of their farm businesses.  It is very common for them not to have any clear objectives for their business.  This results in, not just lack of growth but, sometimes erroneous business decisions which end up with the farmer both out of pocket and out of time.
Acorn Advisory Services Ltd are well placed to observe these problems on a daily basis.  We collate the dairy mis data for the Teagasc dairy research centre in Moorepark.  Not only do we see many farmers with absolutely no administration systems in place, but we also see some farmers with excellent structures.

Course content.

  • Basics of day to day administration.
  • How to reduce the paperwork mountain.
  • Setting your Priorities.
  • Business Protocol.
  • Task Management.
  •  Diary Management.
  • Setting Management Objectives.
  • Long Term Planning.
  • Planning “down” time.

The course will be facilitated by Joseph Kirk, BSc, Dip Econ.
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Cost: The cost of the half day training course is €300 for a group of 15 to 20 people.